Tecnomagnete s.p.a began its activity in 1974, and since then it has become specialized in permanent-electro magnetic technology applied in machine...

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For more than 40 years VACU-LIFT has developed, produced and sold vacuum transport systems. As the inventor of independent vacuum lifters, they hav...

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Conte Metal Mec was founded 1908 in Montebelluna – Italy, as a company for the production of mechanical parts and structures made of steel el...

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If 100% safety is your goal while using material handling systems for handling light or heavy loads and jobs in your factory, maybe it’s time you review our Permanent Electro Magnetic Systems and Vacuums that can provide reliable, productive and accident free solutions to your every use. Lifting equipments also include lifing of metal products like coils, sheet stacks, slabs and plates with the objective to obtain better possible conditions both for the materials moved and for the operators.

Stadlers Corp FZC being an authorized distributor in the GCC countries offers you a wide variety of standard systems for the gentle transport of your  raw materials and finished products. World leading technology proven for over 35 years without accident is available.